CURVY GIRL FEVER, also known as CGF is a clothing brand based in the United States. International Shipping is now available. CGF is geared towards making bold slogan pieces for curvy girls sizes S to XXXL. CGF had it's break out moment when the company launched it's I'M MY OWN BODY GOALS® Collection/Campaign. The company's mission is to showcase the diverse beauty of women. Not only should women feel good about themselves physically, but emotionally, and mentally as well.




The trending slogan I'M MY OWN BODY GOALS®, was coined by CGF owner Clevona Simons. She came up with the concept for the I’m My Own Body Goals® collection/campaign when she constantly saw the hashtags Goals or Body Goals floating around the internet. She loved the idea, but cringed when she realized how many women wished they looked like someone else. She thought to herself "Hmm, I’m My Own Body Goals" not because she's perfect by any means but she'd learned to embrace and love herself for all that she is. She wanted to spread this message with other women. Like hey, it’s okay to be your own body goals.



‘I’m my own body goals, not because I’m perfect by any means but I’ve learned to embrace and love myself for all that I am’ – Clevona