This Week's Curvy Girl: Zonyai

This Week's Curvy Girl: Zonyai



When you first reached out to become apart of the CGF brand ambassador program, what were some of the thoughts going on in your head?

My thoughts were, this would be the perfect opportunity to get involved in something I love which is body positivity. I'm in love with the message Curvy Girl Fever promotes.

In one word how would you describe the CGF movement?


You are a new mommy to a beautiful baby girl, how is it being a new mom? how are you balancing everything?

I still can't believe it sometimes. She has given me a second wind and blew a new even more amazing life into my world. I'm able to balance everything in my life because of the energy she gives me and I have an incredible partner to depend on.

You have been in the CGF brand ambassador program for roughly six months now, what would you like to see happen within the program?

I can't wait to see some events happen so I can finally meet all the girls and see this awesome brand take it to the next level.

What piece of advice would you give to women that are still contemplating chasing their dreams?

Stop. No more contemplating it's time to act.

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