This Week's Curvy Girl: Michelle Rogers

This Week's Curvy Girl: Michelle Rogers




Tell me a little bit about yourself, what made you want to be a brand ambassador for CGF?
For those folks who don't know, My name is Michelle. I'm an 18 year old body positive gal from the beautiful British Columbia, Canada! I came across Curvy Girl Fevers Instagram account & instantly became obsessed with the "IMOBG" collection. These Shirts were SO much more than shirts to me. I saw how CGF was projecting such positivity and confidence on both the blog and the t-shirts that I hadn't seen before. This essentially made me want to be part of the movement, I'm all about Body Positivity & when my friend tagged me in a CGF Brand Ambassador post I immediately applied, it felt really natural! It's been a dream.

You have your own movement as well called bodyposipower what motivated you to start the movement?
I think I've just gotten to the point in my life where I'm realizing that toxic and non supportive people and environments are just not worth it. I recently finished my first year of college and made a lot of new great and positive memories and connections within my educational community. I also realized that it's okay to eliminate negative relationships out of my life, and it essentially sent me on the right track to a more positive mindset and lifestyle. I've followed a couple Body Positive Insta-blogs for quite some time now, and I began to think to myself hey I could do this! So I created "BodyPosiPower", and I now post positive posts almost everyday! Body Posi Power (for me) means realizing the power that Positivity actually holds. Positivity can CHANGE the way you think & feel about not only yourself but those around you as well. The coolest part about this whole experience has been sharing my body story with others, and having them be able to relate and connect with it. Sure I still have my rough days, we all do. But Surrounding yourself with positive thoughts & like minded people can honestly make a HUGE difference, and I'm never looking back.

You're based out of Canada, how is the plus size community over there?
I'd have to say the two largest Plus Size Fashion hubs are either the City Of Vancouver or The City Of Toronto. These cities both have a wider variety of plus size modelling agencies, and also has more options for shopping in the plus size departments. The Body Positive Community is amazing, and has helped me in so many ways. I've really been able to connect and become part of this community through the Internet!

What do you wish to gain from this experience with Curvy Girl Fever?
If anything I've already gained so much genuine confidence within myself. I'm creating new connections with such amazing and positive people, and seeing what this brand is doing for not only myself but the folks who are rockin' this line. I'm so incredibly thankful to be part of the Curvy Girl Fever Movement!

What's next for you and bodyposipower?
I've thought about potentially creating a blog linked to my Instagram, and I'm also looking into getting some head shots done for some Plus Size Modelling! Honestly I just genuinely talking to new people, sharing our stories, and making people feel positive and happy.  Learning to subject yourself to positivity is a great way of getting things on the right track mindfully. I'm ready for what the future holds, and learning how to love myself in new ways everyday!

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