This Week's Curvy Girl: Domi Chnee

This Week's Curvy Girl: Domi Chnee



What was it about Curvy Girl Fever that most excited you?
What excited me most about Curvy Girl Fever was the empowerment from women from all over the world. A sense of positivity, great energy from everyone part of the movement.

How do you feel about the different body positive movements going on?
I think the different body positive movements going on are great! I love seeing different body shapes, women embracing their curves, being confident and not caring what others may think or say.


What would you say was the greatest challenge you had to face this year?

The greatest challenge I've faced this year is myself. What I mean by that is, I always strive for the best and always want to grow and feel accomplished. I've learned just because you have a setback doesn't mean you are set back. Sometimes we have to take a moment, and reflect on ourselves before trying to move forward. 


What keeps you going? How do you stay motivated?

What keeps me going and helps me to stay motivated is my mother. She passed away 2 and a half years ago and she always told me to follow my heart. When I feel discouraged, or feel like my back is against the wall, I remember what she told me and keep moving forward!

2017 is right around the corner, can you tell us some of the things you have in store for us?

2017 is definitely around the corner, where does the time go?! Definitely have some great things in store with CGF which we all are excited about. More runway shows, I'll be participating in some great photoshoots, traveling. Living life to the fullest and continuing on my journey as a plus model and also something I've had a passion for years! Make sure to follow me to see my journey! :) ig: domichnee

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