This Week's Curvy Girl: Ashley Underwood

This Week's Curvy Girl: Ashley Underwood


Tell us a little bit about yourself, who is Ashley Underwood?

My name is Ashley Ann Underwood, I am a plus size model from Los Angeles who is a full advocate of people loving there body, mind, & soul for the uttermost positive! I have a huge passion for God, and believe that all dreams are possible when you can put your mind to it. I work in the Hollywood Entertainment industry as a junior publicist and a personal assistant. Another passion of mine is my men's clothing line called Euphoric Legit's Clothing that is dedicated to helping out the homeless in Los Angeles.

You have been apart of the CGF brand ambassador program for roughly six months now. What has the experience been like for you?

The experience with being a Curvy Girl Fever ambassador has been amazing, I have met so many wonderful women and created new friendships. It's nice to be around something super uplifting, I feel like we can tell each other anything. Thank you Clevona.

What prompted you to join the CGF movement?

I had seen the Curvy Girl Fever movement application online and had to join. I have seen there post on social media about women empowerment, and how it's important for them to love there body and themselves, it was even on there shirt! It was sooo positive I knew it was something I needed to be apart of and I'm so glad I am!

Not only are you a Curvy Girl, you're also a plus size model, how do you feel about the modelling industry being a curvier woman?

I love being able to model in the plus size industry because it allows me to be myself and love my natural self. I love to be able to show others that being plus size isn't something to be ashamed of. Society brings out many different things that trick people in to thinking a image is perfect, when everyone was born with many different body shapes, and sizes. No one should ever have to hate themselves or feel ashamed. I think it's important to remember how special you are.

What is your biggest aspiration in life right now?

Currently my biggest aspiration is to try my best to help the world anyway I can, I am currently in the makings of new projects and I can't wait to peruse them!


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Melissa French

Hi Ashley , Thank you for sharing your genuine story. Please continue to pursue your upcoming projects to help more people. Thumbs up!

Melissa French
Karen vega

You are beautiful inside and out Ashley! Thank you for being around, your light shines so bright and it has illuminated my life ❤️

Karen vega

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