Exclusive interview with Plus Model: Contejera Martin

Exclusive interview with Plus Model: Contejera Martin

Had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely plus model Contejera; I instantly clicked with this doll, with her witty humor and warm heart it is very hard not to love her. Find out how this bombshell entered the modeling world, what her ultimate goal is, and what dating advice she has for the curvy girls.

Contejera Martin

So we know that you’re this amazing plus model as well as this beautiful wife and make-up artist but we want to know a little bit more about Tejera Martin herself, tell us a little bit of your backstory.

Okay my back story, I’m from LA well San Pedro. As far as the modeling and the makeup thing I kind of just fell into that. People like found me off of social media but I never thought I’d be a model. Growing up I was always the chubby friend and like really funny, my humor was my thing. My mom got sick when I was in the 11th grade so my life is pretty much taking care of my mom and brother and that’s what I do until this day. My mom has this rare condition called polymyositis, she’s practically paralyzed. Majority of my life has been giving to my mom, probably around three years ago I started modeling and that became my thing.

 How was your childhood growing up plus size, because you said you’ve always been plus size?

Growing up sometimes it was tough because all my friends and family pretty much let me know I was bigger. Not like making fun of me but I was the little big cousin Mookie (that’s my nickname Mookie) since I had a sense of humor things didn’t tend to bother me. From 8 years old I could fit my mom’s clothing but it wasn’t difficult for me because I was funny. Don’t get me wrong I had my hard times like with boys. Boys were difficult for me because I was always the big girl that had a crush on the guy but he didn’t like the big friend. So high school, junior high was challenging for me when it came down to boys.

 You kind of touched on this but how did you get into modeling and when did you realize this is what you wanted to do?

Everything really happened off of social media, it all literally fell in my life. There was this lady that found me on Facebook and she wanted me to be in her runway show. Everyone kept telling me you should try modelling so I submitted some photos to this agency and as soon as I went in there they signed me. That’s when I realized I really wanted to do this, it was fun, I felt confident and I was able to share my experiences with other plus women and help them feel beautiful. 

 What would you say to our curvy girls still struggling with body image?

I would honestly say that regardless of how you look today or how you look six months from now you have to love yourself in the present. It’s all about loving yourself, loving who you are as person and everything else will fall into place. It may sound like a cliché but that is really the truth.

How do you feel about the way plus size women are being viewed in the modelling industry right now? Do you feel like we’re progressing? What changes would you like to see happen?

I’d like to see progression of different sizes of plus size women. Like I’m a size 17/18 and it is very hard for me to get work. I think that all bodies should be shown; there’s different sizes of plus size. I would want to see more women I could relate to, I want to see a size 22 on the runaway or on a magazine cover more often.

What are your aspirations as a plus size model? How far do you want your career to go?

Honestly I enjoy modelling, I really do but I would never want to limit myself to anything. At this point I want to inspire curvy models more so than just modeling. I want to show women that’s my size that we can love ourselves, we can be bad chicks you know. I get more satisfaction from being able to talk to people than just saying I want to be only a model.

As a model do you ever feel pressured to be a role model?

I don’t feel pressured to be a role model but I’ve been through so much not just as a curvy woman but as a woman in general. So I just feel like I should give back, I should tell people my story because everything I get I get it from God. So I don’t feel pressured, it’s just my testimony.

What advice would you give to plus size women struggling with dating?

I think that goes back to being who you are like it is really hard to date being a curvy girl. A lot of times men date us differently, they’ll date us in the dark and if we’re not secure enough we’ll just allow it. We have to love ourselves because if not we’ll allow men to do that. Always know that you’re the prize, every woman is the prize and once you know that dating will be just easier.

 What new and exciting things can we expect from you this year?

Well like I said I really like talking to women so I don’t want to say what but I’ll definitely being doing more of that this year especially in the LA area and I’ll still be modelling of course.



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